Trap shooters line up in a row along five stations facing the trap house. A full round of Trap includes 25 clay targets, five shot from each of the five stations. Trap shooting is a great sport for getting “into the zone” and taking your mind off everything else for the next 25 shots. And, with our 9 Trap fields there is plenty of space to accommodate your large group outing.


The first shooter yells, “pull” and a clay target is randomly launched at an angle from the trap house at about 40 mph. The shooter takes one shot, trying to hit and break the clay target. The other shooters take their turn, until a total of five shots are taken at each of the five stations. Trap scores range from zero to 25; one point is earned for each bird broken.


Wobble Trap is a variation of standard Trap. One of the main differences between Wobble Trap and standard Trap is that the clay target in Wobble Trap has a much more extreme flight path; the target oscillates up and down, as well as side-to-side. Also, shooters are allowed two shots per pull. Shooters line up at stations 1 through 5 as in regular trap and shoot the same rotation.

Whether you’re an experienced shooter or have never shot before, your group will have a great time at Wasatch Wing and Clay!



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